Wedding Venue Contract Covid 19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a halt to many of life`s celebrations, including weddings. Couples planning to tie the knot are now faced with the challenge of navigating through the new normal. One important aspect of wedding planning during this time is the venue contract.

Wedding venue contracts outline all the terms and conditions of the space you choose for your wedding. Due to the pandemic, it is now essential to add clauses that address potential disruptions caused by COVID-19. Below are some of the important clauses to consider:

1. Cancellation and refund policy

Make sure that there is a clear cancellation and refund policy included in the contract. This policy should clearly state what happens to your deposit and other fees paid if you need to cancel your wedding due to COVID-19 related issues. Be sure to read this section carefully before signing the agreement.

2. Force majeure clause

A force majeure clause is crucial in the event that your wedding needs to be postponed or canceled due to unforeseeable circumstances, including government-imposed lockdowns or travel restrictions. This clause should outline whether the venue will refund your deposit and provide an alternate date for the event.

3. Health and safety protocols

Wedding venues must comply with COVID-19 protocols recommended by public health officials. This clause should detail the venue`s health and safety measures, including sanitization, disinfection, and social distancing protocols, to ensure the health and safety of your guests.

4. Guest count and seating arrangements

As a result of social distancing measures, wedding venues are operating at reduced capacity. The contract should clarify the number of guests allowed, as well as the seating arrangements. Discuss with your venue how many guests are allowed per table, and whether additional tables or spaces will be made available to ensure social distancing measures are in place.

5. Vendor restrictions

Wedding venues may have restrictions on the vendors allowed on the premises. This clause should outline the venue`s policies on outside vendors. If the venue requires meals for vendors, be sure to consider this in your budget.

In conclusion, wedding venue contracts should include clauses that address potential disruptions caused by COVID-19. Couples planning a wedding during this time need to read contracts carefully and ask questions to ensure their wedding runs smoothly, safely, and according to plan. Consult with a lawyer or experienced event planner to ensure that the contract includes everything you need to protect yourself and your investment.